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Allergy Treatment
Allergies are a major cause of illness in Coastal Kerala like elsewhere world over. About 1 in 5 have allergies.In our survey 17 – 20% Kollamites have some type of allergies – extrinsic or intrinsic.
History: Austrian pediatrician Dr. Clemos Pirquet first used the term allergy in 1905. The word Allergy is derived from the Greek word “Allos” meaning different or changed and “Ergoes” meaning work or action.
Allergens: Allergens tend to run in families sometimes just annoying, occasionally they are deadly prominent food allergens are milk ,egg, peanut, tree nut ,fish, shellfish, soya and wheat
Types of Allergens:
  • Aero Allergens
  • Molds
  • House Dustmites
  • Dust
  • Insects
  • Food Allergen – Vegetarian and Non vegetarian
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Who gets Allergy? Why does one become Allergic?
What Allergy test is available to confirm the sensitized allergen?
What is Allergy March?
What is skin prick test?
What is SLIT ( Sublingual swallow Immunotherapy)?